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This local workflow is simple, quick to start up, and recommended for developers who wish to run a single instance of ONOS, locally on a development machine.

Running ONOS locally

To run ONOS locally on the development machine, simply run the following command:

bazel run onos-local clean debug 

The above command will create local installation from the onos.tar.gz file and will start it in the background. In the foreground, it will display a continuous view of the ONOS (Apache Karaf) log file. Options following the double-dash (–) are passed through to the ONOS Apache Karaf and can be omitted. Here, the clean option forces a clean installation of ONOS and the debug option means that the default debug port 5005 will be available for attaching a remote debugger.

Attaching to the ONOS console

To attach to the ONOS CLI console, run:

$ONOS_ROOT/tools/test/bin/onos localhost

Once connected, you can run various ONOS CLI and Apache Karaf commands.

Opening the ONOS web GUI

To open your default browser on the ONOS GUI page, simply type:

$ONOS_ROOT/tools/test/bin/onos-gui localhost

or alternatively visit http://localhost:8181/onos/ui

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