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1. Download Atomix docker image:

$ docker pull atomix/atomix:3.1.5

2. Run three instacnes of Atomix:

$ docker run -t -d --name atomix-1 atomix/atomix:3.1.5

$ docker run -t -d --name atomix-2 atomix/atomix:3.1.5

$ docker run -t -d --name atomix-3 atomix/atomix:3.1.5

3. Check docker IP of Atomix instances;

$ docker inspect atomix-1 | grep -i ipaddress

$ docker inspect atomix-2 | grep -i ipaddress

$ docker inspect atomix-3 | grep -i ipaddress

4. Check out ONOS source code:

$ git clone

5. Set relevant environment variables to docker IP of Atomix instances obtained above:

$ export OC1=

$ export OC2=

$ export OC3=

6. Generate Atomix configuration files:

cd /path/to/your/onos/source/root

./tools/test/bin/atomix-gen-config ~/atomix-1.conf

./tools/test/bin/atomix-gen-config ~/atomix-2.conf

./tools/test/bin/atomix-gen-config ~/atomix-3.conf

7. Copy Atomix configuration to docker instances:

$ docker cp ~/atomix-1.conf atomix-1:/opt/atomix/conf/atomix.conf

$ docker cp ~/atomix-2.conf atomix-2:/opt/atomix/conf/atomix.conf

$ docker cp ~/atomix-3.conf atomix-3:/opt/atomix/conf/atomix.conf

8. Restart Atomix docker instances for configuration to take effect:

$ docker restart atomix-1

$ docker restart atomix-2

$ docker restart atomix-3

9. Download ONOS docker image:

$ docker pull onosproject/onos:2.2.2

10. Run three ONOS docker instances:

$ docker run -t -d --name onos1 onosproject/onos:2.2.2

$ docker run -t -d --name onos2 onosproject/onos:2.2.2

$ docker run -t -d --name onos3 onosproject/onos:2.2.2

11. Check docker IP of ONOS instances;

$ docker inspect onos1 | grep -i ipaddress

$ docker inspect onos2 | grep -i ipaddress

$ docker inspect onos3 | grep -i ipaddress

12. Generate ONOS cluster configuration files using docker IP obtained above:

cd /path/to/your/onos/source/root

./tools/test/bin/onos-gen-config ~/cluster-1.json -n

./tools/test/bin/onos-gen-config ~/cluster-2.json -n

./tools/test/bin/onos-gen-config ~/cluster-3.json -n

13. Create config directory for ONOS docker instances:

$ docker exec onos1 mkdir /root/onos/config

$ docker exec onos2 mkdir /root/onos/config

$ docker exec onos3 mkdir /root/onos/config

14. Copy ONOS cluster configuration to docker instances:

$ docker cp ~/cluster-1.json onos1:/root/onos/config/cluster.json

$ docker cp ~/cluster-2.json onos2:/root/onos/config/cluster.json

$ docker cp ~/cluster-3.json onos3:/root/onos/config/cluster.json

15. Restart ONOS docker instances for configuration to take effect:

$ docker restart onos1

$ docker restart onos2

$ docker restart onos3

16. Login ONOS Web UI to check cluster formation.

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