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ONOSFW, short for ONOS Framework, is an project in OPNFV.  

See following link for the details.  ONOS Framework Project Link ;

The architecture of ONOSFW as below:

What we do

Neutron L2/L3 driver plugin

VTN Resource manager

It's a application. 

  • Provider REST services for Neutron.
  • Provider distributed store for Neutron resources.
  • Provider unified API for other applications

VTN manager

It's also a application. Takes charge of listening event from ONOS core or VTN resource manager application and applying configurations to network elements.

Details as below:

  • Listens the event that Neutron compute node and network node , both named Controller , are detected or vanished, and then applies or remove configuration(tunnel and OVS) via driver subsystem.
  • Listens the event that OVS is detected or vanished, and then applies or removes the default forwarding rules into OVS.
  • Listens the event that Host is detected or vanished, and then applies or removes L2 rules into OVS.
  • Listens the event that floating IP、route、route interface are changed, and then applies or removes L3 rules into OVS

Core Enhancement

New behaviors and their OVSDB-based implementation are added in driver subsystem.

TunnelConfig: Behaviour for handling various drivers for tunnel configuration.

OvsdbTunnelConfig: OVSDB-based implementation of tunnel config behaviour.

BridgeConfig: Behaviour for handling various drivers for bridge configurations.

OvsdbBridgeConfig: OVSDB-based implementation of bridge config behaviour.

OpenVSwitchPipeline: Behaviour for handling traffic under Virtual data center scenario.

OVSDB Adapter

Class diagram as below:

Project Plan

Road map


Drake Release 


  • Support communications among VMs within the same network in L2 via overlay technology. e.g. Vxlan.

Emu Release 


  • Support communications among VMs within the same tenant across different networks

  • Support tenant VM Internet access

  • Support VM migrations
  • Refactor VTN Manager application and VTN resource manager application

  • Enhance the fault-tolerant capacity

The usage of ONOSFW