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This wiki documents the current development version of ONOS (master). Refer to the Wiki Archives for documentation for all previous versions of ONOS.

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In the OnosSystemTest/TestON/bin folder, you may run a test by specifying "run", then the test name:

$ ./ run SAMPstartTemplate_1node

Alternatively, you may specify your own .params and .topo file in the cli arguments:

$ ./ run SAMPstartTemplate_1node --params-file SAMPstartTemplate_1node.params --topo-file SAMPstartTemplate_1node.topo

Ensure your .params and .topo file are in the test directory (ie: in OnosSystemTest/TestON/tests/SAMP/SAMPstartTemplate_1node/ ).

NOTE: If you stop a test while running (by ^C or ^D), make sure to clean up before running a new test:

$ ./

This will run various scripts to clean up any currently running ONOS, TestON, and Mininet.

Stuck? Found a bug? Questions?

Visit the Test Files page to learn more about the files necessary to run tests.  Email us if you’re stuck, think you’ve found a bug, or just want to send some feedback. Visit the guidelines to learn how to efficiently submit a bug report.

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