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In ONOS 2.x, this mode is deprecated as it does not work without additional effort in order to support Apache Karaf 4.x.

Security-Mode ONOS can be enabled to enhance the robustness of the network environments controlled by ONOS.

This is a collaborative project with researchers from SRI International and KAIST, and the participating members are as follows:

SRI International


Philip Porras (porras@csl.sri.com)

Seungwon Shin (claude@kaist.ac.kr)

Martin Fong (mwfong@csl.sri.com)

Changhoon Yoon (chyoon87@kaist.ac.kr)

Vinod Yegneswaran (vinod@csl.sri.com)Heedo Kang (kangheedo@kaist.ac.kr)

Chanhee Lee(mitzvah@kaist.ac.kr)

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