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UrlFnService - URL Function Service

UrlFnService is an Angular Factory in the Remote module with the name urlfn.js. It provides functions that build rest and websocket URLs for rest and websocket requests. To use these functions, see the documentation on injecting Angular services.

rsUrlConstruct a URL for rest calls.
wsUrlConstruct a URL for websocket calls.

Function Descriptions


Example UsageArgumentsReturn Value
ufs.rsUrl(path);path - string of the path you want the rest call to send a request to

a string of the form:


[s] – if applicable


Example UsageArgumentsReturn Value
ufs.wsUrl(path, wsport, host);

path - string of the path you want the websocket call to send a request to

wsport - the websocket port (undefined will use the current port)

host - the websocket host (undefined will use the current host)

a string of the form:


[s] – if applicable

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