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UI Service - VeilService

VeilService is an Angular Factory in the Layer module with the name veil.js. It allows you to show and hide the "Veil" – a GUI overlay that lets the user know the websocket connection was dropped. To use these functions, see the documentation on injecting Angular services.

What is the Veil?

Below is a screenshot of the Veil when the websocket connection goes down on the Topology View.

initInitialize the VeilService.
showShow the Veil.
hideHide the Veil.

Function Descriptions


Initialize the VeilService. This is already called, so you probably won't have to initialize it yourself.

Example UsageArgumentsReturn Value


Show the Veil.

Example UsageArgumentsReturn Value
vs.show(msg);msg - an array of strings, each array member is a paragraphnone, but shows the Veil and disables key bindings


Hide the Veil.

Example UsageArgumentsReturn Value
vs.hide();nonenone, but hides the Veil and enables key bindings
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