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Brigade Leads:

  • Yoonseon Han, Claudine Chiu (from September 1)

Brigade Core Members:

  • Claudine Chiu (Ciena)
  • Yoonseon Han (POSTECH)
  • Nithyanantham (Ciena)
  • Sangyun Han (University of Kyung Hee)
  • Harold Huang
  • Jovana Vuleta
  • Eric Tang
  • Doyoung Lee (POSTECH)

Brigade Test and QA Members:

  • Matteo Gerola
  • Mariano Osabe 

  • Jovana Vuleta

  • Adam Pavlidis

  • Jordi Ortiz

  • Frank Wang
  • Harold Huang

Contact the brigade:

Brigade goal:

Enable the creation of SDN capable virtual networks, allowing them to fully participate in control plane policies with southbound abstractions optimizing application to the physical topology


  • Short-term focus in 2016:
    • Define Virtualization API or reuse existing one (if we feel that it is sufficient)
    • Decide whether to make virtualization a subsystem or build it into the core of ONOS
    • Port OVX base features to ONOS
      • Address virtualization
        • Each virtual network should be independent
      • Topology Virtualization
        • Each virtual network should be independent
      • Control function virtualization
        • Each virtual network should be able to define how it should behave
    • Support external controllers through Openflow
  • Long-term focus in 2017:
    • External Connectivity (e.g. Internet) for virtual networks
    • Openstack integration to support network infrastructure 
    • Virtual network snapshot-ting (pausing, restoration, and migration)
    • Virtual Network embedding
    • Decide on one or two southbound protocols/methods to support virtual networks

Weekly scrum:

2017 meetup notes:

How to get involved:

If you have contributed previously to ONOS or OVX and love either (both) projects, this brigade is for you! Email the mailing list if you would like to contribute to this work.

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