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Cardinal Release 

Version: 1.2.1

Release Date: 25th June, 2015

Download here

This revision includes several minor bug fixes and some improvements related to ONS demonstrations.


  • [ONOS-2069] - Add driver function for new purge intents CLI in TestON onosclidriver


  • [ONOS-2075] - App view -- icons not updating unless view is refreshed from browser
  • [ONOS-2080] - Application view does not properly refresh when control actions are performed


  • [ONOS-1795] - Functionality Test Improvements using New Topology and test Template (Part-1)
  • [ONOS-1899] - add Exception/Error check at the end of all Perf Tests
  • [ONOS-2074] - App view - refactor all DOM manipulation into directives
  • [ONOS-2141] - Update CHO Jenkins results script to use new test Summary file for posting to wiki
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