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Cardinal Release 

Version: 1.2.2

Release Date: 1st September, 2015

Download here

This revision includes several minor bug fixes and some improvements related to deployments.




  • [ONOS-1412] - Links and objects disappearing in the GUI when using Firefox
  • [ONOS-2404] - Assignment of HandshakerBehavior does not respect driver annotations
  • [ONOS-2406] - Local identity is established incorrectly as a non-cluster IP address.
  • [ONOS-2417] - onos-uninstall does not work on systems without the 'service' command
  • [ONOS-2426] - Flows are stuck in PENDING_ADD after switches reconnect.
  • [ONOS-2433] - Intents stuck in FAILED state due to cascading topology changes.
  • [ONOS-2463] - Exception when pushing topology config
  • [ONOS-2477] - Links not discovered due to link discoverers missing ports
  • [ONOS-2479] - Sometimes OpenFlow packets get dropped before being sent to switch
  • [ONOS-2514] - SDN-IP installs too many point-to-point intents for some configurations


  • [ONOS-1535] - Deploy ONOS 1.2-SNAPSHOT on a virtual slice on GEANT GTS testbed
  • [ONOS-2208] - Internet2: successfuly test ONOS 1.2.1 on the mininet instance provided by Internet2
  • [ONOS-2337] - PCEP Channel Handler to manage each PCC client
  • [ONOS-2338] - Implement PCEP Controller to provide socket handling with each PCC
  • [ONOS-2339] - Implement Channel Handler to manage Session handling with PCC
  • [ONOS-2353] - Implement the PCE close message parsing, encoding and decoding
  • [ONOS-2365] - Unit test code for the PCEP create, update and delete tunnel code
  • [ONOS-2513] - Modify the semantic of MP2SP intents introducting the partially failed state


  • [ONOS-2290] - Implement PCEP message parser for parsing PCEP protocol messages with encoding and decoding API
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