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Comment: Updating old references for add-iface and rem-iface


Code Block
titleCLI configuration example
onos> interface-add -v 100 of:0000000000000001/1 h1
onos> interface-add -v 200 of:0000000000000002/1 h2
onos> interface-add -v 300 of:0000000000000004/1 h3
onos> interface-add -v 400 of:0000000000000002/1 h4
onos> interface-add of:0000000000000005/1 h5
onos> interface-add of:0000000000000006/1 h6

onos> vpls create VPLS1
onos> vpls add-ifaceif VPLS1 h1
onos> vpls add-ifaceif VPLS1 h2
onos> vpls add-ifaceif VPLS1 h5
onos> vpls add-ifaceif VPLS1 h6
onos> vpls set-encap VLPS1 VLAN

onos> vpls create VPLS2
onos> vpls add-ifaceif VPLS2 h3
onos> vpls add-ifaceif VPLS2 h4

As soon as two or more interfaces are added to the same VPLS, intents to manage broadcast will be installed.


Code Block
titleOperations on interfaces
# Adds an existing interface (in netcfg) to an existing VPLS
onos> vpls add-ifaceif {$VPLS_NAME} {$INTERFACE_NAME}
# Removes an existing interface from an existing VPLS
onos> vpls rem-ifaceif {$VPLS_NAME} {$INTERFACE_NAME}