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Welcome to the SDN-IP tutorial!

Getting Started

This tutorial is designed to be an introduction to how SDN-IP runs in practice. We'll go through starting up a simple emulated network, and we'll see how SDN-IP controls this network to move data from place to place.


It will prompt for a password, which is sdnip. Once the password is entered, we'll drop into a prompt r4>

Now we can begin to configure the router to advertise a new network.


Thanks for completing the SDN-IP tutorial. Now that you've had a glimpse of how SDN-IP works, feel free to poke around and explore the system further. If you're looking to run SDN-IP in your own network, head over to the Users Guild <LINK> to learn more about configuring and deploying the application.

In addition, the scripts used to create the network are in the ONOS repository. The Mininet topology is in tools/test/topos/sdnip/ The router configurations are in tools/test/topos/sdnip/configs/. Feel free to take a look and see how the network is put together if you're interested.