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  • Optimized and distributed logical switching: SONA implements multicast free VXLAN implementation where each OVS OpenvSwitch in the compute node act as a part of big switch.

  • Optimized and distributed logical routing: Each OVS OpenvSwitch in the compute node act as a router and takes care of all East-West routed traffic for the VMs connected to itself.

  • Broadcast free: SONA proxies ARP and , DHCP, metadata request from a virtual instance. 

  • Agentless Agent-less: No need to run any Neutron agents on compute node, network node or and gateway node. Note that the agents include OpenvSwitch agent, L3 agent, metadata agent, DHCP agent.

  • Scalable: SONA provides horizontal scalability of gateway nodes which plays a role of connecting point virtual networks to the outside of the world.
  • Dataplane Acceleration: SONA supports the integration with various types of dataplane acceleration technologies including OVS-DPDK, SR-IOV, PCI-PT and OVS hardware offloading (e.g., SmartNIC).
  • SDN native features: SONA supports SDN oriented features including virtual flow telemetry and virtual tapping.


  • Currently VXLAN, VLAN, FLAT type driver are supported