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  • The node labelled "bgp" is our Internal BGP Speaker. It sits inside our SDN network and its job is to peer with all the External BGP Routers, learn BGP routes from them, and relay those routes to the SDN-IP application running on ONOS.
  • The other four nodes, labelled r1 through r4, are the External BGP Routers. They are the border routers that reside in other networks that want to exchange traffic with us.
  • Behind each router is a host. These are labelled h1 through h4 in Mininet. ONOS can't see these hosts, because they reside in other networks that are not controlled by ONOS. 

Start up ONOS

First double-click the "Reset" icon on the network to clean the environment and start up ONOS with the correct configuration.

Start up the network

Double-click the "SDN-IP Mininet" icon on the desktop to start up the network.