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Welcome to the ONOS documentation pages! This page links to the most up-to date documentation for ONOS. Guides!

Table of Contents
If you are new to ONOS, ONOS for Newcomers is a great places to start.


The ONOS guides Guides provide comprehensive information, and are divided into several categories. To get the most out of the information, it It is highly recommended that you work through the tutorials before Tutorials before taking a look at the ONOS guides to get the most out of the information here.

  • User's Administrator Guide - How to install, configure, and use ONOS and its applications, and its current use cases
  • Developer 's Guide - How to develop on and/or contribute to ONOS, and the tools and procedures involved
  • Architecture and Internals Guide - The design and implementation of ONOS, its major subsystems, and sample use cases

We also provide Javadocs for the ONOS APIs, and a list of FAQs.


  • Javadocs - The ONOS APIs of the latest stable release
  • FAQ

Conventions used

There are a few conventions that we use throughout these docs.

  • Unix shell commands begin with '$' or for superuser, '#' :

    Code Block
    $ sudo -s
    # id
    uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
  • ONOS CLI commands begin with 'onos>' :

    Code Block
    onos> summary
  • Both shell and CLI commands are inlined in sentences in monospace font, e.g. ls or topology.
  • File names, directory paths, and keywords are in italic. 
  • User inputs and navigation of web pages are bold e.g. Ctrl-D and Browse > Pages. 
  • Italic and monospace terms may also be bolded to emphasize them.

Further conventions, if any, are described where relevant. 




We try our best to keep this wiki and documentation set up-to-date. Please refer to Contributing to ONOS Documentation if you're interested in helping out.