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Please refer to Development Environment Setup and Test Environment Setup Cells and ONOS test scripts for information about cells, OC variables, and other conventions used here.


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    • -f  : forces an uninstall. Presently, install also includes onos-push-bits and onos-config within. 
    • -n : installation of onos.conf upstart configuration file will be suppressed and ONOS will not be started. Otherwise, if the option is not specified, ONOS will be ignited as a Linux daemon as the last step of the installation process.

onos-package -[TDR] | --[tar|deb|rpm]

Packages ONOS into different formats. Running the command without parameters has the same effect of running it with the --tar parameter.


    • -D, --deb  : Creates a .deb ONOS package in /tmp
    • -T, --tar : Creates a .tar.gz ONOS package in /tmp 
    • -R, --rpmCreates a .rpm file in /tmp (this works just on centos/fedora/redhat like machines)


    • --deb only works on Debian/Ubuntu.
    • --rpm only works on on CentOS/Fedora/Redhat.

onos-uninstall [<node-ip>]


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