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Comment: Add pointers to NG-SDN Tutorial and BNG disaggregation


  • Southbound support for P4 Runtime DONE - Available starting from ONOS 1.11
  • Enable support for existing applications with any P4 program (via manual ONOS-to-P4 mapping) DONE - Available starting from ONOS 1.11
  • Extend northbound APIs to support protocol-independence (e.g non-standard match/actions in flow rules) DONE - Available starting from ONOS 1.11
  • Switch configuration via OpenConfig over gNMI DONE - Initial support for OpenConfig Interfaces model available starting from ONOS 1.14

  • New use cases:

    • Fabric.p4 (CORD fabric with P4 switches) DONE - Available starting from ONOS 1.14

    • Support for In-band Network Telemetry (INT) DONE - Available starting from ONOS 1.14

    • CORD VNFs offloading to HW P4 switches

      • Mobile Serving and Packet Gateway (spgw.p4) DONE - Integrated with fabric.p4

      • Residential BNG with PPPoE terminationtermination DONE - Integrated with fabric.p4 

Long-term focus:
  • Rethink northbound APIs to capture enhanced capabilities of programmable data planes
  • Services to support incremental reprogramming, i.e. deploy a new P4 program to devices while traffic is flowing.
  • Optimize existing P4 programs or auto-generate new ones based on application needs and traffic workload.


Here are some pointers to learn more about the work of this brigade and current support for P4 in ONOS:

ONOS support for P4 targets