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This tutorial is outdated. Similar hands-on exercises and VM can be found in the NG-SDN tutorial:


This tutorial is for developers with intermediate knowledge of the P4 language who are interested in using ONOS as their control plane.
It is organized around a sequence of hands-on exercises that show how to build from scratch a leaf-spine data center fabric based on Segment Routing over IPv6 (SRv6).
Exercises include activities such as:

  • P4 implementation of basic forwarding behaviors (bridging and routing) as well as SRv6
  • Writing P4 unit tests using the Packet Test Framework (PTF)
  • Implementing an ONOS app providing the fabric control plane

Tutorial for beginners

If you are new to P4, we suggest you start from these other tutorials which focus more on the basics of the P4 language

Download the tutorial VM

While you go through the slides, it is a good idea to start downloading the VM (~5.3 GB):

Instructions to download the tutorial VM

Tutorial slides

Click here to download/open the slides in a new browser window (via Google Slides)

I want more!

Here are some pointers for you to learn more about P4 and ONOS:

  • Basic ONOS Tutorial: learn more about ONOS
  • Trellis+P4 tutorial: use Trellis, the built-in set of fabric apps in ONOS, with an existing P4 program (fabric.p4) and learn more about advanced use-cases such as VNF offloading of mobile S/PG

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