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  • The proposal is related to Core ONOS modules
  • The proposal is for an external module or application or product that interacts with ONOS core.
  • The proposal is related to Core ONOS modules as well as external modules that interact with ONOS.

Submitting a Proposal

In order to submit a proposal, click the link below of the proposal type you would like to create. Change the name of the "Summary" field to something that describes your proposal, click "Create", and then fill out the required information. A description of what you need to include needed is in the "Description" field.

To submit a new use case proposal, click here.To submit a new feature proposal, click here.


1. Create a feature request in JIRA. Please select the type as "New featureStory" and click Next.

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2. Add "proposal" in the Labels field in JIRA and add the time estimate in the "Original Estimate" field ( if available).

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In the Description field in JIRA (see above), add the following details:


You can view all the submitted open feature requests and project proposals through the quick filter "New FeaturesFeature proposals" at the top of the ONOS Project in JIRA.

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3. The ONOS Steering Teams and the ONOS product owner will review the feature requests/project proposals and determine next steps. Every new feature request should be reviewed and the next steps for it will be determined and the submitter of the proposal will be notified in, at a maximum, 15 days from the date of submission