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Welcome to TestON Test-ON tutorial!


Test on runs on Linux platform. TestON Test-ON requires a proper onos ONOS installation in order to work, see ONOS tutorial for more information.

By completing this tutorial, you will understand how to:

  • Install TestONTest-ON
  • Create appropriate files to run test on TestONTest-ON.
  • Create and run TestON Test-ON script
  • Create a TestON Test-ON driver

NOTE: If you are having trouble  on running TestON visit TestON Test-ON visit Test-ON FAQs or visit git hub wiki for additional information.

Configuring Linux to run




  1. A Linux 2.6.26 or greater kernel compiled with network namespace support enabled (see INSTALL for additional information.)
  2. python 2.6 or higher versions.


  • Properly installed ONOS
  • Dependencies - ONOS, Python packages, Pox, Mininet, STS etc. (Check out the Dependencies section in the Github wiki for more information)
  • Prior knowledge of ONOS and Mininet
  • Two or more VMs running Ubuntu Server


Stuck? Found a bug? Questions?

Email us if you’re stuck, think you’ve found a bug, or just want to send some feedback. Please have a look at the guidelines to learn how to efficiently submit a bug report.


Clone the TestON Test-ON from

Please configure mail server details before going to start working with TestONTest-ON

  • Open core/ file inside TestON Test-ON Framework
  • Check def send_mail(self) and configure the mail server and your credentials as mention below:
Code Block
233:   msg['From'] = ''
250:   smtp = smtplib.SMTP('Hostname/IP')
252:   smtp.login('','password')


Test files

You can see actual test files in the /TestON/tests/ folder. Each of the tests has unique files defined below:

Params - This file contains user defined variables for the test case. Also specify the order of which test cases to run.

Topo - This file defines all the components and options that Test-ON will use to execute its test. The machine's user name, password, IP addresses and/or Mininet's topology would be specified in this file.

py -