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You can see test files in the /TestON/tests/ folder. The name of the test folder should be the name of the test as well as all the files .Each of the tests has a unique set of files defined below:


Below is the PingallExample.params file:

Code Block


The testcases <testcases> tag defines the order in which the test cases in the .py file are executed. The <cellName> is the name of the cell when setting up your environment.

Topo File

Below is the PingallExample.topo file:


Code Block

            <password> </password>

            <password> </password>


            <password> </password>
                #Specify the Option for mininet
                <arg1> --topo=tree,3,3 </arg1>
                <arg2> </arg2>
                <arg3> </arg3>
                <controller> remote </controller>


The .topo file includes the log in info of the machine that the ONOS and Mininet will be run. In this example, the test runs using two VM machine with host name user name and password defined for each of the component. The <connect_order> tag is the connection order that the testON will execute. The formatting of the .topo file must be followed correctly. The space character inside every empty tag indicates that a blank information will be passed along in the component otherwise the test would give an error , if that space character isn't there, and would stop the test. The <args> tag in the MIninet component is necessary and should be kept even though have empty arguments.

NOTE: It is important to check the log in info carefully for each component as incorrect information would result to test failure.