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Comment: Published from Jenkins build:


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commit bd64d72c8eac1f58be974e5aea096cfcb66216e6 8b468c2d7478f95c45e70307c42ade900d89bb3d (HEAD -] onos-1.15, origin/onos-1.15)
Author: Ray Milkey Charles Chan [ray@opennetworkingrascov@gmail.orgcom]
AuthorDate: Thu Fri Dec 21 13 15:55:08 29 2018 -0800
Commit: Thomas Vachuska Charles Chan [tom@opennetworkingrascov@gmail.orgcom]
CommitDate: Fri Dec 14 21 18:3301:30 15 2018 +0000
remove hack to suppress warnings about the git_repository() rule-0800

Unit test fix - timeout is not correctly set in parallel execution environment

Case 1: Pull onos branch and build onos on Teststation. - PASS


  • 3000.1 Deleting flows - PASS (tick)

Case 1500: Verify IPv6 selector is correctly compiled -



Install two flows with only IP selectors specified, then verify flows are added in ONOS, finally send a packet that only specifies the IP src and dst.

  • 1500.1 Add flows with IPv6 addresses as the only selectors - PASS (tick)
  • 1500.2 Check flow is in the ADDED state - PASS (tick)
  • 1500.3 Check flows are in Mininet's flow table - PASS (tick)
  • 1500.4 Send a packet to verify the flow is correct - FAIL (error)
  • Failed to send a packet
  • PASS (tick)

Case 3000: Delete flows that were added through rest - PASS