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3. Check the following requirements and adjust as required before running :
   a. run directory /var/run/quagga exists
   b. binary of zebra and bgpd installed under /usr/lib/quagga

4. Click desktop icon "Setup ONOS Cluster" and note the IP of onos-1:

onos> summary

node=, version=1.15.0 clusterId=onos

nodes=3, devices=0, links=0, hosts=0, SCC(s)=1, flows=0, intents=0

5. To peer Mininet host root with docker onos-1, the following network setup needs to could be configured:

           bgp eth1 eth0 root



5. Therefore, onos-1 should needs to be assigned another IP say and ~/sdnip/configs/quagga-sdn.conf should be changed accordingly: