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You also can query other control metrics by specifying the control metric type such as cpu, memory, disk, network, etc.


We also provide a way to query and collect control metrics through REST API.
Followings are the REST API for collecting and querying control metrics.


POST /collector/cpu_metricsCollects CPU metrics.
POST /collector/network_metricsCollects network I/O metrics include in/out-bound packets/bytes statistics.
POST /collector/disk_metricsCollects disk I/O metrics include read and write bytes.
POST /collector/system_infoCollects system information.
POST /collector/memory_metricsCollects memory metrics.

Control Metrics

GET /controlmetrics/memory_metricsList memory metrics of all network resources.
GET /controlmetrics/messagesList control message metrics of all devices.
GET /controlmetrics/messages/{deviceId}List control message metrics of a given device.
GET /controlmetrics/cpu_metricsList CPU metrics.
GET /controlmetrics/disk_metricsList disk metrics of all disk resources.

Web Graphic User Interface (GUI)


The second way is push based approach with which ONOS periodically report reports a set of control metrics to predefined third-party system.
By far, ONOS supports three systems and those are InfluxDB, ganglia and graphite monitoring system.
The detailed explanation on exporting the metrics to those system can be referred from following links.