Brigade Lead:

Brigade Members:

Currently calling for performance & security analysis work proposals for 2020 report, please contact Stefano Secci with analysis description and related effort guess.


Past activities:


●  Assess controller robustness against network and system attacks

●  Assess controller robustness against software bundle-level and Karaf-level bugs

●  Assess controller performance (e.g., detection time, recovery time) in case of software and network failures

●  Identify countermeasures to cope with attacks and bugs against weak software elements

●  Compare the ONOS controller to other equivalent controllers in terms of network and system performance of core services and bundles as well as of southbound interface plugins

●  Evaluate control-plane performance in multi-layer/domain scenarios.  


●  A report about identified security & performance issues for each release.      

●  Run monthly e-meetings with presentations of experiment results.

●  Run exploratory hackathons and tutorials at workshops and conferences.

How to get involved:

To get involved is easy, just write to Stefano Secci or simply send a message to the mailing list ( with a description of your activities.