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This part is to deploy a distribution version in production environment, not for development purpose. For developer, please read (Developer Quick Start), and other articles in the Developer Guide.

The following sections describe how to install, initially configure, and run ONOS:

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  1. The command "onos-service server &" does not work in ONOS 1.3.0. Shall it be "onos-service <TARGET> start" ? 

  2. This page recommend to add this line to the .bash_aliases or .profile file :

    $ source $ONOS_ROOT/tools/dev/bash_profile

    But there are some basic mistake in the "bash_profile". At line 143 of this file, it says:


    function vicell() {


    This is wrong format for declaring function in bash. It could be "function vicell {" or "vicell () { "

    The same mistakes happens in the file "${ONOS_ROOT}/tools/test/bin/ogroup-opts", which is refered at the last line of bash_profile.

    Am I mis-understanding anything?


    1. Since the 'function' keyword is optional, and when it's supplied, the '()' are optional, the function declarations are still interpreted correctly. But, as you say, it does seem to break style conventions.