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Have questions? Stuck? Please check our FAQ for some common questions and answers.

This wiki documents the current development version of ONOS (master). Refer to the Wiki Archives for documentation for all previous versions of ONOS.

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Components in this Setup:

  • Jenkins CI system (Optional - if you need to have automated build job set up; else, all the test cases can be driven from TestStation.);
  • Wiki (Atlassian Confluence), or other publishing services (Optional - if you don't need to publish test results);
  • Gerrit Repo -; this is the git repository for both onos and OnosSystemTest;
  • TestStation - runs "OnosSystemTest/TestON"; optionally onos Bench and Mininet. Required: "OC" environment variables are configure in the host to run test scripts.
  • ONOS cells - each cell is a node running ONOS - the number of cells needed depending on your test cases;
  • SDN network - this is either a Mininet-emulated network, or physical network.

Example Test Setup Procedure:

This guide will help you install TestON, configure your environment, and run a sample test with a three node cluster.

Requirements: ONOS 1.3 or higher (recommended) must be correctly installed. Follow this guide to install ONOS.

Clone Mininet to TestStation and run the install script

$ cd ~
$ git clone	    # Clone the repository
$ cd mininet
$ git branch -v -a									    # Show all the remote repositories
$ git checkout -b dynamic_topo origin/dynamic_topo		# Checkout the dynamic_topo repository
$ cd util
$ sudo ./ -3fvn								# Install OpenFlow 1.3, Open Vswitch and Mininet dependencies

NOTE: If you have a different repo of Mininet, we recommend removing it and re-cloning the one listed above. You will also need to remove these packages from your home dir: pox, loxigen, openflow, flop, oftest, openvswitch, and any other package that mininet installs. Refer to this page if you any questions

Clone "OnosSystemtest" to TestStation 

$ git clone

Install TestON

Please follow TestON installation guide to install TestON.

Set your cell. The sample test requires a 3-node cell. Follow this guide if you are having trouble setting your cell.

NOTE: The cell needs OC1-3 defined, OCN to point to your bench test station, and OCI to point to OC1. 

$ cell <cell name>

NOTE: Make sure ONOS is update-to-date and you build it before running the test.

Run the sample test.

$ cd ~/OnosSystemTest/TestON/bin/
$ ./ run SAMPstartTemplate_1node

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