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This is an archive of the ONOS 1.1 wiki. For the current ONOS wiki, look here.

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CardinalMay 31st 2015

Summary below

Tracked in JIRA

BlackbirdFeb 28th, 2015

Summary here

Tracked in JIRA

AvocetDec 5th, 2014


Cardinal Release : May 31st, 2015

The cardinal planning folder is here.


The theme of the Cardinal release is Use Case Demonstrations for ONS in June 2015.


JiraSummaryProject InformationLead
ONOS-1008ONS demo - CORD: vCPE-vOLT with NFaaSProject wiki pageAli Al-Shabibi
ONOS-1230ONS demo - CORD: Fabric control with segment routingLeaf-Spine with SRSaurav Das (ONF)
ONOS-1ONS demo - Packet OpticalProject wiki pageMarc De Leenheer
ONOS-1228ONS demo - Internet2 Deployment Luca Prete
ONOS-600ONS demo - IP RANUse Case DescriptionPatrick Liu (Huawei)
ONOS-840ONS demo Anchor Stack 'Apollo'Peering RouterSaurav Das (ONF)
 ONS demo PCEPProject wiki pagePatrick Liu (Huawei)
ONOS-6GUI enhancementsGUI Roadmap (wiki)Simon Hunt
ONOS-579Performance and Scale enhancements Thomas Vachuska
ONOS-634IPv6 supportProject wiki pageSuibin Zhang, Charles Chan (NCTU)
ONOS-1229Multicast supportProject wiki pageRusty Eddy (DirecTV)
ONOS-1093NETCONF protocol supportProject wiki pageHiral Amodia (Happiest Minds)
ONOS-1140Security Mode ONOSProject wiki pageSeungwon Shin (KAIST) and Phil Porras (SRI)


Also under consideration, but not yet committed:

JiraSummaryProject InformationLead
 OVSDB Plug-in Ali Al-Shabibi
 Configuration framework Ali Al-Shabibi


Blackbird Release : Feb 28th, 2015

Blackbird planning discussion slides shown at engineering meeting.pdf

The theme of the Blackbird release is Stability and Performance.


  • Bug fixes
  • RAFT for distributed core
  • Define metrics
  • Performance + Scale with real hardware (Commodity Bare-metal Servers)
  • HA
  • Internet 2 deployment


More detailed content here.



Distributed Core



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