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This page is for an older demo. For the latest info on CORD see here: CORD: Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter


This is the project page for the demonstration of CORD at ONS 2015. The page includes information about two of the three use cases under the CORD umbrella. Those two use cases have been called vCPE-vOLT and NFaaS. The third use case is the leaf-spine fabric.

Project Members (alphabetical)

Ali Al-ShabibiON.LabTechnical  
Andy BavierON.LabLead -  
Jonathan DavisAT&T FoundryEngineerjd250t@att.com404-735-9247 
Simon HuntON.LabGUI  
Prajakta JoshiON.LabProduct  
Troy MeuninckAT&T FoundryDirector AT&T
Larry PetersonON.LabChief  
Bill SnowON.LabVP Engbill@onlab.us650.996.3164 
Don NewtonAT&T FoundryProject Leaddn8474@att.com678-365-6771

Mike ZadigAT&T FoundryEngineermz1957@att.com678-234-3995 


GPON OLT MAC (PMC Sierra team)

Raz Gabe

PMC Sierra

NFV chief architect

Avi Hagai

PMC Sierra

SDN SW Director

Udi Kochavy

PMC Sierra

vOLT release management

Angela Li

PMC Sierra

vOLT NFV SW lead

Hanan Vinokur

PMC Sierra

vOLT SDN SW lead

Yaron Shust

PMC Sierra

vOLT SW & system

G.Fast DPU MAC (Sckipio team)

Yaniv Lavi

Sckipio vDPU, VP Products & Marketing (Sckipio)

Group Communication

Please use the mailing list. This list is archived.


The planning document used to do a high level breakdown can be found here. This is a short lived document. Once the scope is agreed upon, the document will turn into stories in JIRA for tracking.

Project Management

This project will run with two week sprints that align with the Cardinal release, starting April 6th. In addition to the normal format of sprints (planning, execution, demo, retrospective) the team leads will have a mid sprint status call to stay in sync between the different groups and locations. Time of the call is TBD.


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