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If you are interested in the use of the fabric in CORD, visit the latest CORD documentation here: https://wiki.opencord.org/display/CORD/Underlay+Fabric

If you are interested in generic use of the fabric, visit the Atrium documentation here: https://github.com/onfsdn/atrium-docs/wiki/ONOS-Based-Atrium-Leaf-Spine-Fabric-16A


This is the project page for the demonstration of a CORD leaf-spine fabric at ONS 2015. CORD stands for Central Office Reimagined as a Datacenter. This page includes information about one of the three use cases under the CORD umbrella. The other two use cases are called vCPE-vOLT and NFaaS

Project Management

Issues for this project can be tracked on Jira under the Epics - 'AT&T Central Office Fabric - ONS Demo' and 'Segment Routing Porting'. The former tracks the specific demo we are doing for ONS, which includes the leaf-spine topology on Dell switches with automated TE of elephant flows. The latter tracks the generic Segment Routing application which will be used for the fabric, but can also work for other networks with different topologies.



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The following demo happened at ONS 2015.


Project Members 

Tom AnschutzAT&TProject Leadta2269@att.com
Saurav DasONFTechnical Leadsaurav.das@opennetworking.org
Simon HuntON.LabTechnical Teamsimon@onlab.us
Sangho ShinON.LabTechnical Teamsangho@onlab.us
Bill RembertAT&TTechnical Teambr6509@att.com
Srikanth VavilapalliEricsson (ON.Lab partner)Technical Team


Charles Min-Cheng ChanON.LabTechnical Teamcharles@onlab.us
Flavio CastroON.LabTechnical Teamflavio@onlab.us
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