Release Dates

ONOS runs "train" based releases. That means whatever is ready to board the train, does so. Whatever isn't ready, has to wait for the next train. This enables us to have a very predictable release cadence making it easy to plan around. It also puts the responsibility on project owners to make sure they have features ready for the release. ONOS releases quarterly at the end of February, May, August, November. It is offset from the "normal" quarters because we all know that nothing happens for half of December. At the beginning of a release cycle, we have a planning meeting and two weeks before the end of the release we freeze integration of new features:


Release Cycle

Releases last 3 months. Each release starts with a planning meeting (check the ONOS calendar). After planning, development teams build their deliverables using whatever methods (scrum, kanban, waterfall...) they want but must commit their code frequently (daily?), leading up to the last 2 weeks. The project does not accept "dumps" of code at the end. Commit early and often on master. Two weeks before the release date, we halt feature integration and only allow bug fixes. At some point during those two weeks, we start the release candidate process. This process starts by pulling a branch off master that will become the release branch. That frees up master for development on the next release. On the release candidate branch we work on bug fixes, and choose "release candidate", RC, tags. The software at that tag is a candidate for release, and it is submitted to a more rigorous set of testing. If it passes, we can officially tag it as the release. If it doesn't, we enter another bug fix cycle and create a new release candidate. We iterate until we have a candidate that can be the formal release. Usually, this takes 2-3 cycles and 1-3 weeks of time. More details on branching can be found in the contributor guide portion of the wiki.  

Development epics, stories and bugs for each release are tracked through JIRA. If you are new to JIRA, you can learn more about using JIRA for ONOS on the ONOS JIRA wiki page.

Release Branching, Versioning and Tags

Branches in ONOS follow this convention:

Each ONOS release will have the following version format:

Format: <major>.<minor>.<revision>

Here is how this versioning worked for the first open source release:
  • 1.0.0 - Open source ONOS release on Dec 5th, 2014
  • 1.0.1 - First maintenance release for 1.0.0

Release Maintenance

The past two releases will be supported.  The only changes allowed on these releases will be security patches and critical defects that are blocking deployments.  Security patches will be proactively applied to the supported releases, whereas critical defects will be addressed by community request.  The defects should have JIRA tickets associated with them.  Releases will be done periodically, as needed.  A release can be requested by the community by sending a request to the TST mailing list.

Defects fixes in previous versions should be ported forward to all versions released since then, including master. For example, a fix in version 1.8 should be ported to 1.9, etc... and master.  The module owner should assess the changes and drive the cherry-pick process.


Release Naming

During the development cycle and for easy identification post-release, each release is also identified by a "code" name in addition to the version. Releases are named after birds because they are beautiful, found worldwide, are colorful and graceful, make beautiful music...and because they signify something taking flight into the wild blue yonder, something we advocate for SDN and NFV. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, birds work together in flight to reduce the load on each other so that they can fly long distances (for example, the V formation)...and, we hope that everyone in the ONOS community will adopt the same philosophy of helping each other to make ONOS great. We name them in alphabetical order.

Release Names and Versions

The following table has been discontinued. Go to 


for the most up to date release information.

NameVERSIONDatesNotesAbout the namePresentationRelated Press

May 31, 2017

FF: May 12, 2017


Feb. 28, 2017

FF: Feb. 10, 2017

Release ContentAbout the bird  
Ibis1.8.0Dec. 2, 2016Release ContentAbout the bird  
Hummingbird1.7.0Aug. 31, 2016Feature SummaryAbout the birdpptxPress
Goldeneye1.6.0Jun. 10, 2016Release NotesAbout the birdpptxPress
Falcon1.5.0Mar. 10, 2016Release NotesAbout the birdpptxPress
Emu1.4.0Dec. 16, 2015

Release Notes

About the birdpptxPress
Drake1.3.0Sept. 18, 2015

Release Notes

About the birdpptxPress
Cardinal1.2.2Sept. 1, 2015

Release Notes

About the bird

(Stanford "Cardinal" refers to the color, NOT the bird)

1.2.1June 25, 2015

Release Notes

1.2.0June 5, 2015

Release Notes


Blackbird1.1.0Mar. 17, 2015

Release Notes

About the bird

The legendary Blackbird Jet

In honor of Beatles


1.0.1Jan 21st, 2015

Release Notes

About the bird

1.0.0Dec 5th, 2014

Release Notes


To generate release detailed notes, use


You can find details on versioning and naming of releases here.