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This wiki documents the current development version of ONOS (master). Refer to the Wiki Archives for documentation for all previous versions of ONOS.

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Brigade Lead:

Brigade Members:

  • José Sanchez / Orange  

  • Espinel David / Orange  
  • Sebastian Dittrich / T-Systems DT
  • Dominique Verchere / Nokia 

  • Quan Pham Van / Nokia 
  • Lalita Jagadeesan / Nokia 

  • Abdelberi Chaabane / Nokia
  • Marina Thottan / Nokia
  • Duy Khuong / Nokia
  • Jian Li / ONF
  • Andrea Campanella / ONF
  • Suchitra Vemuri / ONF
  • Sandra Scott-Hayward / QUB
  • Dylan Smyth / CIT 
  • Abdulhalim Dandoush / ESME
  • Giacomo Verticale / Politecnico di Milano

  • Chistophe Basquin / Airbus
  • Alpha Sow / Airbus
  • Kamel Attou / Anevia  

  • Chi Dung Phung / Orange  
  • Stefano Secci / Cnam  

  • Kashyap Thimmaraju / TU Berlin
  • Carmen Mas Machuca / TU Munich
  • Petra Vizarreta / TU Munich


Forthcoming activities: 

Past activities: 

  • Kick-off meeting: 4-5 pm  CET, Apr. 5, 2017.


●  Assess controller robustness against network and system attacks

●  Assess controller robustness against software bundle-level and Karaf-level bugs

●  Assess controller performance (e.g., detection time, recovery time) in case of software and network failures

●  Identify countermeasures to cope with attacks and bugs against weak software elements

●  Compare the ONOS controller to other equivalent controllers in terms of network and system performance of core services and bundles as well as of southbound interface plugins

●  Evaluate control-plane performance in multi-layer/domain scenarios.  


●  A report about identified security & performance issues for each release.      

●  Run monthly e-meetings with presentations of experiment results.

●  Run exploratory hackathons and tutorials at workshops and conferences.

How to get involved:

To get involved is easy, just write to Stefano Secci or simply send a message to the mailing list ( with a description of your activities. 

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